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Microwave Repair Service

We repair and service all brands and models of microwaves. If your microwave doesn't turn on, runs noisilsy or you have any other problems, simply call our toll free number and we will take care of rest, returning your microwave to perfect working order. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment for your microwave repair. We will do our best to set the appointment for the time that is most convenient for you. We will always work with your busy lifestyle to schedule your microwave repair. The information below will help you to learn more about your microwave. This information will also help you to use your microwave in the most effective and efficient ways this way you will be able to save on utility bills and the life of your microwave will be extended. Do not take chances with your safety. The following tips are strictly posted for educational purposes. We strongly suggest not getting involved with any microwave repairs on your own. All microwave repairs require professional training and experience with gas or electric systems and can become very dangerous if you don’t have the knowledge for it. How to Change the Oven Light Inside Oven. To change the oven light inside the oven, always unplug the oven from the power source before you change the oven light. The light bulb for the inside of the oven can be changed only from I lie back. On the upper-right-hand side of the back oven is a metal plate with two hex-head screws. The light bulb is located behind this plate. Loosen the right screw. Remove the left screw. This allows the plate to swing down. Unscrew the bulb. When replacing the lamp use a 25-watt T6-1/2 bulb. Reverse the procedure when putting the cover plate in position. Some ovens will use a 25-watt 25T8 DC bayonet-base bulb. Cleaning the Discharge Air Vents. There will be a slight build-up of cooking vapors in the discharge vent, located in the upper-right-hand corner of the oven, above the controls. These should be cleaned occasionally. Do not attempt to remove the front of the two-timer control model as it is an integral part of the oven. Clean the air vent with a damp cloth.

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