A to Z Appliance

A to Z Appliance Repair Service Tips

For long run period of your appliance follow up with these routine maintenance periodically
Check the air filter once a month. Used and old filters that has dirt and clog can cause your system to work harder or even fail to work. Maintaining the clean and new filter is important for your appliances. When the coil is dry, clean the dust using a vacuum and soft brush. Outdoor units needs to be free of debris. Keep grass, clippings and leaves away from your unit, and check the base pan, which is under the unit It will minimize the amount of maintenance it needs. Unit suggested to be on a level surface so it will keep it draining properly. If you ever notice water or ice under the unit, call us to have it drained as soon as possible. inspect your heater’s combustion area and ventilation system once a year, since dirt or rust can weak your system from operating properly. Clothes dryer Once a two month use your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle to suction the lint slot of you dryer. Once a year unplug your dryer, disconnect it, and vacuum it out. If your dryer doesn’t vent directly outside, call us for a professional duct cleaning. Washing machine
To keep the drum spinning smoothly for years to come, for starters, use only high-efficiency, or HE, detergent. “The suds that are created by nonhigh-efficiency detergents will get in and wreak havoc on the drum and drive system,” says Dave Chowanec, Sears product category engineer for laundry products.
* Once a month, run an empty hot water wash to break down any built up residue.
* Excessive vibration can also damage the drum. If you hear or see the machine shake, it’s unbalanced. Check for level, but more importantly, check the machine’s stability by rocking it from corner to corner. “All four legs should be firmly touching the ground and locked according to the use manual,” says Chowanec.
* Once a month, check your washing machine hoses for bulges or tears, especially at connection points where kinks can form and crack. Manufacturers suggest replacing hoses every three to five years, regardless of wear. It’s no more complicated than attaching a garden hose. Steel braided “no-burst” hoses can also fail, and because of the meshing, tiny tears may be more difficult to catch. When not in use, turn off the water valves leading to your machine. For ultimate peace of mind, install an automatic water valve shut off system activated when it senses an excessive surge in water pressure. Sump pumps
Once a year, pour a gallon of distilled white vinegar into the basin to break down calcium deposits on the expeller and pump.
* Unplug the pump and remove any material clogging the intake screen.
* Check the float switch operation: Pour enough water to turn the pump on and make sure it drains. “If you hear a grinding noise, the pump may be on its last legs,” says VinZant
Air conditioning Between spring and fall servicing, homeowners should replace their HVAC filters once a month. Change “three-month” filters just as frequently if your home is excessively dusty or you have shedding pets. Clean filters result in a 5 percent to 15 percent reduction in energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
* To ensure the outside condenser unit has necessary airflow, keep it clear of debris and cut back foliage by at least two feet. Because evaporator and condenser coil fins can easily bend, forcing your system to work harder, comb them back into shape using a special fin comb, available through parts wholesalers Routine recap
To help you keep track of these maintenance items, cut and save this schedule: Monthly:
* Vacuum clothes dryer lint slot.
* Check washing machine hoses for wear and tear.
* Run an empty hot water cycle in front-end loader.
* Replace HVAC filters.
* Clean the floor around your water heater.
* Have HVAC system professionally serviced (in spring for air conditioner, fall for furnace).
* Replace refrigerator water filters.
* Clean refrigerator door gaskets.
* Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils (more frequently if you have shedding pets).
* Clean out clothes dryer vent and ductwork.
* Check washing machine for level and stability.
* Clean sump pump basin and intake screen.
* Flush deposit build up in sump pump basin with white vinegar.
* Check sump pump float and operation.
* Check water heater anode rod and temperature/pressure valve.

* Check your home’s water pressure.
* Drain sediment from water heater.
Do you know that you should clean your refrigerator coils at least once a month especially if you have any pets!
Usually the coils are located just behind the grill on the bottom in the front of the fridge.
If not pull forward and unplug the machine and if you feel comfortable take back cover off and coils should be visible.
Special coil brushes can be bought at any Home Improvement store. Scrape the coils clean and when you pull brush out vacuum the dust with a vacuum cleaner with a hose.
Is your dryer taking too long to dry?
You should call a professional vent cleaning company at least once a year to clean your dryer vent. Especially if your vent goes to the top of your roof top. I hear every turn your vent makes it slows down the velocity of the air flow by 10%!
In a dryer it is simple, air goes in and air goes out! If the air cannot leave your clothes will take forever to dry and you will generate a higher electric bill.
Not to much you can do with your micro wave.
Well We can tell you this run the fan if you are cooking underneath on a stove. the heat and steam will make the plastic brittle and crack a lot sooner that expected.
Also under the Microwave usually are filters that should be cleaned every month in hot soapy water.
Washer Machines
Water goes in, spins around, then leaves!
Spending more money don't always mean you got a better product!
Check your pockets!!!
We have found more things in drain pumps that you can imagine.
Also if you have a front loader check the rubber boot for objects after every load. I found pencils poke through and flood houses! Leave the door cracked if you are not using it because it can possibly create mold and a bad odor.

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