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Wine Cooler Repair Service

Wine refrigerators, also called wine chillers, are free-standing units that are designed to store and keep your wines at a specific temperature setting (ideally between 45-64 degrees, depending on whether you are storing whites or reds). Coming in a variety bottle-capacities, finishes and dimensions, wine refrigerator units are one of the most common ways to store wine for the novice wine enthusiast. If you’ve got a budding interest in the world of fine wines and are looking to store and chill them in order to enjoy them at their peak temperature and vitality, a free-standing wine cooler may be a great investment. Wine coolers, also known as wine refrigerators or wine chillers, are a great way to store and age your Chardonnay and Merlot under ideal conditions to get the most out of your vintage beverages. Whether you plan on holding dinner parties or just enjoying a bottle at casual occasions, a wine fridge can help you get the most flavor and vitality out of the wine you drink. Having a separate fridge is vital for storing more than one or two bottles for a short amount of time because normal fridges are too cold and can also pollute the flavor of your wine with strong odors from foods that contain garlic or other strong flavors. Wine refrigeration units are typically a first tier in the world of wine storage and provide an economical way to store a budding wine collection, apart from the basic basement and boxes system. They generally offer compact storage, a fairly constant temperature setting, allow bottles to be stored on their sides and ensure that your wines are exposed to minimal light in the process.

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