An estimate as required (Section 9844 of the California Business and Professions Code) for repairs shall be given to the customer by the service dealer in writing, and the service dealer may not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without prior consent of the customer. Where provided in writing, the service dealer may charge a reasonable fee for services provided in determining the nature of the malfunction in preparation of a written estimate for repair. For information contact the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento 95814

I understand that AtoZ, including it’s contracted technicians are independent contractors. Contractors are a separate entity from AtoZ.
*We require that all AtoZ Pros maintain both liability and auto insurance. Our Satisfaction Guarantee also backs any work you book through AtoZ.
*Our independent service Pros are thoroughly screened and our customers review them. We monitor these metrics in real-time, and we only refer the ones who consistently meet our high standards. If for any reason your experience if not what you hoped it should have been, let us know, and we will make best efforts to make it right.

1. Service call fee: The service call fee is the price to examine and diagnose the problem(s) with one appliance based on the symptoms the machine is having and provide a written estimate with the amount [Parts (if needed) and labor] to repair/service issue. Full accessibility to the appliance must be available / provided by the consumer. The customer is responsible for providing any warranty or 3rd party insurance information before service/repair. SERVICE CALL FEE IS NON – REFUNDABLE.

2. Appointment(s): A to Z Appliance Services Inc. appointments has a 3-hour window. All arrangements are set based on earliest available appointment day and time. Part installation appointments aren’t scheduled until parts have arrived.

3. Diagnosis: Based on the problem(s) customer describes and examination, our licensed technician will determine what repair he finds necessary to resolve the problem(s). Due to the complexity of some (self-‐diagnostic computerized) appliances, there can be additional underlying problems that cannot be determined until an “initial repair” (such as a fuse, computer board, relay) is made. In the event, an appliance has underlying problems an additional free diagnosis along with an additional revised estimate will be given. If a technician arrives and the problem is not present, this is considered as a diagnosis of “No problem found or Working as designed.” The customer is responsible for service call fee. If the problem is caused, can be generated, or possibly produced by a source other than the appliance itself, for example a plumbing, electrical, etc… issue technician may recommend an examination or supplemental examination by outside trade contractor (plumber, electrician, etc…) to confirm or rule out possible cause or problem. The customer is fully responsible for any expenses, cost, and payment for any examinations or services of outside trade contractors such as plumbers, electricians, installers, etc. The customer is responsible for obtaining permits required under city, county and state ordinances.

4. Recommendation(s): Any suggestion (s) made by is not mandatory any actions based on or taken by the customer are at the sole discretion and financial responsibility of the customer.

5. Estimate: Any estimate provided is based on prices to repair/service to the appliance. The customer is not obligated to have the repair done with A to Z Appliance Services, Inc. The estimate is valid for 30 days. The customer is responsible for reviewing the entire estimate with the technician before signing. Signature signifies approval and complete agreement with having the repair performed at a price quoted. In cases where additional research is required will provide a completed estimate within 24 hours of the service call. In the event, additional parts are needed, or part price has changed a revised estimate for approval will be provided. Down payment./ Pre-‐pay: A portion of an approved assessment may be collected at the time of service ice call.

6. Repair Cost: The price of repair/service is the best price to repair. This is determined and based on company operating expenses, technical skill/knowledge, professional training, and certifications. Under “The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide (M.A.S.P.G)”; Based on the job, not on the time the repair takes to perform. A to Z Appliance Services, Inc.

7. Parts: Technicians carry most parts needed to repair there are times when parts will need to be ordered. Orders for parts are placed within 24 hrs of estimate approval with the manufacturer or bonded authorized supplier. Depending upon part availability most parts arrive between 1-5 business days. Upon receiving part customer will be contacted to schedule installation of the component. Back-‐ordered parts: In case a part goes on or has been placed on back-‐

Order, A to Z Appliance Services, Inc will keep customer posted as to the part status. Discontinued/No Longer Available parts: When a part has become

Either discontinued or NLA through the manufacturer or bonded authorized supplier we will make best efforts through searching for the needed part. However in case, we are not able to find a discontinued part, AtoZ is not responsible for any damages or repairs. In case Being an Authorized Certified Factory Service Center and for quality assurance A to Z Appliance Services, Inc cannot and do not order parts from other than the manufacturer or bonded authorized supplier.

8. Maintenance: Problems with appliances may be caused solely by a lack of support. Sometimes performing just maintenance resolves the problem. Help may be needed/required before repair or during a renovation. Maintenance is not a repair or part of repair labor. Maintenance is non‐refundable.

9. Canceling Service/repair: Cancelation within 24 hours of service call any down payment/prepays excluding service call fee will be refunded. Refunds can take up to 4 weeks to process. Cancellation made after 24 hours are subject to an additional 35% parts restocking fee. No returns on special order parts. Cancellation an initial repair or repair has commenced or been completed: No refunds will be issued.

10. A to Z Appliance Services, Inc. Warranty: AtoZ Appliance Services, Inc guarantee is for 90 days on installed parts that have been purchased through A to Z Appliance Services until parts become obsolete or discontinued. AtoZ Appliance Services Inc guarantee is for 30 days on labor. NO warranty on damage caused by external problems or lack of maintenance. Warranty is voided if interference by anyone else (other than A to Z Appliance Services, Inc.) servicing or tampering with the repair. NO warranty on discontinued or obsolete parts, refrigerant, filters, access valves, and relocated appliances. A to Z Appliance Services, Inc is NOT responsible for the loss of food or other perishables.

11. Service/Assistance: A to Z Appliance Services, Inc. does best to provide it’s the best service possible… Any questions, concerns, need to assassinate or in the event, a repair fails, or additional assistance is required. Please contact our office immediately at 888-554-2869 or Email: Please do NOT wait to report a concern or problem. We have procedures and policies in place to take care of any issue or problem. Any problems issues said 30 days would be handled as a new service call.

12. Completed repair: Signature on completed repair indicates that the appliance has been reviewed and tested by the customer and the service has been finished to their complete satisfaction. Moreover, any old part(s) were given to and retained by the customer. AtoZ is here for you even after the repair is long done. Whatever concern you have don’t hesitate to give us feedback directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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